Jan 29 2021

Open Art Studio

12:00 PM - 02:00 PM

EU's Virtual Open Studio promotes wellness through creativity and self reflection. We know that through art we can foster connection even while we are apart. The studio is a place for people from all walks of life to come together and make art as a community. We seek to promote mental health awareness and activities that cultivate positive mental health habits.

  • The virtual studio is FREE to anyone that wishes to join.
  • Come one day or many
  • Artistic training or skill is not required.
  • Any art tools/media are welcome (eg. pen and paper is fine too)
  • Begin a new piece each time or work on pieces in progress

What should I expect?

  • Each session the lead may be different. If you enjoy a particular lead inquire about their rotation.
  • The first 5-10 minutes of each session will be a time to "gather".
  • Introductions: lead will invite guests to do introductions.
  • Prompt(s): provided for those who wish to follow it, you may also work on other work.
  • Working time: Usually no less than 30 minutes and up to 1.5hrs. As the working time nears an end, the lead will give reminders that the working time is coming to a close.
  • Closure: The last 15-20 minutes are reserved for building community in discourse. Guests may share what they made if they wish. Q&A and feedback.

ZOOM ID: 990 2127 0604

Dr. Lorenzo