Oct 21 2021

'Inner Outer Face' Light Projection Installation

07:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Inner - Outer - Face is a temporary object and light projection installation
celebrating a century of art, art education and art history at Edinboro University.

Aug. 26 - Nov. 7, 2021
Thursdays & Fridays from
7 — 11 PM

Inner - Outer - Face features a 30’ long public artwork: a steel “line drawing” of Loveland Hall installed on the lawn in front of Loveland’s main entrance. Within the building, ceiling-mounted rear projectors illuminate five windows. Covered with a special film, the windows serve as projection screens showcasing a selection of more than 300 images gathered from yearbooks.

Walking by Inner - Outer - Face, viewers briefly witness Edinboro’s past appearing in Edinboro’s present.

David Kammer Ross: Artist
Jacob Maitland: Site & Art Assistant
Griffin Gleeson: Art Assistant
Josie Yeager: Art Assistant
Alexander Herr: Creative Director
Fred Scruton: Photographer
Lisa Austin: Bruce Gallery Director

Funding provided by ECGRA

Lisa Austin